Friday, September 23, 2005

FRIDAY, 09.23

169 BAR
- Pretendo (ex members of Enon + Skeleton Key + Morricone Youth) + Tiger Cried Beef + Heavy Creatures + Que Verde
- Mike Tichy Disaster
- Stare Into The Sun + Klimpter + Tide + The Blue Scene + Miggs + Jared Scharff + Robin Wynn
- Elton John MSG Afterparty w/ The Legwarmers
- Kindle Crew + The John Hickey Band + David Kolker + Mike Rocket + Josh Weinstein + Meghann Robinson + Sylvie Lewis
- The New Deal
BROOKLYN LYCEUM (227 4th Ave., Brooklyn)
- Rockets and Cars + Mancino + Pants
- New Humans + The Notekillers + Child Abuse + Necking
- Alana Davis + Bankie Banx
- Dead Men Walking featuring Slim Jim Phantom (of The Stray Cats) + Mike Peters (of The Alarm) + Captain Sensible (of The Damned) + Kirk Brandon (of Theatre of Hate/Spear of Destiny)
- Dreamshifter + Bazooka Falcon + Pete Sanchez + Swinger Eight + Bad Hotel + Shadow Box
- Cheaper Faster + The Walk Ons + Kingore Trout + Ropetree (rsvp to
- Geminatrix w/ Aaron Katz (from Percy Hill) + The Wau Wau Sisters
- Services (CD Release + live performance) + Superfortress + All The Ghosts + A Touch Of Class DJs
- Me Talk Pretty + Head + Battlestar America + Lost Art + The Plaine Truth + Guns On High Street
- “Dump The Body In Rikki Lake” (a punk rock puppet show) Last Night w/ music by Japanther (7 + 9 pm)

- Hush Hush Weekender Party w/ guest DJs James Fucking Friedman + Kaiser P + Rok One

- DJ Mister X presents Corrosion: The Darker 80's Party

- GreenhomeNYC Fall Fundraiser w/ Kara Suzanne & The Gojo Hearts + Cyan Tinted Soul + kanipchen-fit + Motico + Eiffel Tower
HANGER BAR (217 E. 3rd St.)
- Sam Champion Record Release Afterparty w/ DJs Jay Good Times + Noah Champion

- Weird War + Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds + The Assault
- Citizen Cope
- Jill Sobule (early)
- Julian Fleisher (late)
- The Toasters + Mustard Plug + Planet Smashers + West Bound Train + Supervillains + SGR + Hub City + Skarnales + Royal Roost + Igents + Superspecs + Bombtown + Cold Spot 8 + Miasmics
- The Hidden Ratio + Secrets of the Bend + Envelope
- Milwaukee’s + Object + The Wanteds
- Aldo Perez + Pete Galub & The Annuals + Greta Gertler & The Extroverts + Emile Westergaard + Marie Gabrielle (CD Release)
- GBH Party w/ Pre-Record Release Party for Annie's new DJ Kicks Mix + Record Release Party for Princess Superstar's "My Machine" w/ DJs Princess Superstar + Carl Kennedy + special guest from Norway (rsvp to for reduced admission)
- MC Trachiotomy + Nila Wafer & DJ sets by John Atkinson and Krew + DJ Rhizome
- Elton John
- The Fleshtones
- The Greenhornes + The Black Hollies + Tigers & Monkeys
- Sam Champion + The Octagon + The Spinto Band + The Big Sleep + Coyle Girelli (from Your Vegas) … see Hanger Bar for afterparty
- Amy Kohn + Peter Hess (early)
- Kerri Black Promotions presents Hurricane Katrina Benefit w/ Benny Girl + Surefire + Kevin Devine + Jessie Murphy + David Fagin + Ward White + Benji Rogers (of Marwood) + Sean Hanratty + David L. Murphy (late)
- Wolf Eyes + Sightings + Prurient
- Law Of Fives + Model A + Your New Best Friend (downstairs)
- Mr. Action & The Boss Guitars + Strange But Surf + Mister Neutron + The Shinto Kings
- Ursula Points + Kaiser Cartel + Real Live Tigers
- Girl Talk + Alan Astor and The Lions of Rome + Starkey + Hexes and Ohs + The Negatones + Demander + Gene Dreamy & Gary Sincere
- Atiquis (upstairs)
- Walter Frank
- Defected + Bluepages + Nadsay Fashion + Dirty Pillows + The Audacity + The Saints Of Pain
- Hurricane Benefit w/ The Bellmer Dolls + The Flesh + Asobi Seksu + Death of Fashion
- DJs Adam X + Jeremy + Rich Gone + Lakini Malich (late – chamber)
- Cecilia The Band
- Nous Non Plus (former members of Les Sans Culottes) + Theo & The Skyscrapers + Gym Class + Miss Fairchild + Team Lizzy (ex-Fischerspooner)
- The Pernice Brothers + Tim Fite + Jose Ayerve
- Crashin' In w/ Listening Party for The Like "Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?" + The Joggers "With A Cape and A Cane" & DJs Oil + Toby Rascal + Gerald + Love Action (Bust Magazine)
- Mia Riddle + Mouth of Leaves + The Babyskins + Michael Leviton (early)
- Hundred Year Storm (late)
- The Brought Low + World War IX + Elvis McMan + The Mercy Killers + The Staggs
- Sam Kininger Band + Soleo + The Evolved


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